FRAN GOLDBERG      abstract artist




Fran’s abstract artwork lives at the intersection of unconscious processes, crazy random happenstance, and conscious intention. Each painting’s journey begins without a predetermined plan, yet joyfully unfolds as the art and artist communicate with one other. The destination is often disclosed as the painting whispers a direction or path or actual words in the form of a title. Her paintings celebrate colour, form, and the beauty she sees in the world around her.


Growing up in Toronto, Fran assumed she would pursue an art career, but other interests intervened. She concentrated on academic pursuits, completing degrees in psychology, occupational therapy, and law. She ultimately moved “home” to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in 1994 and focused on motherhood, law, disability consulting, and even a brief stint as a school trustee. 


She finds the need to paint surprisingly powerful, and the process a blissful distraction from analytical thought. Most recently, key influences include Helen Frankenthaler, Henry Moore, and Frantisek Kupka.